Zoo is a full-service production company specializing in advertising and branded content.

At Zoo the best idea always wins. The medium, tone and style are founded in your brand strategy and never in ego. This allows seamless working partnerships that produce successful long term relationships.

We have produced national and international projects for some of the biggest brands in the world, and also some of the smallest nonprofits fighting for their spotlight. So, let’s talk about doing something great together.

Meet Our Team

Director | Partner

15 year beard veteran
Los Angeles Office


Producer | Partner

Mother of Koi Pond
Los Angeles Office

Melody Cade

Head of Accounts

Puts the “Fun” in “Trust Fund”
Indianapolis Office

Robert Shula

Director | Editor

Norwegian Mountain Climber
Emmy Award Winning Editor
Los Angeles Office


Producer | AD

Nicest Man in Production
Los Angeles Office

Dylan Griffith

Associate Producer

Kerry Ready


Filmmaking is a miracle of collaboration.


Lights, camera, action and craft service. Pulling all the important pieces together to make something greater than its parts is what we love to do: airtight schedules, nuanced art direction, strategic casting, and constantly incorporating new technology into our creative process.

For every project, Zoo builds a production roadmap that leaves no detail to question, but without stifling the creative promise of spontaneity. And we’re scalable; from four person camera crews to large-scale, Hollywood productions. We do what’s best for every project –that’s our approach and our promise.

Edit is where the story takes shape.

We have full in-house editorial. From edit to animation and vfx, to color and sound design. Every part as important as the next and perfectly integrated into your process –and on your timeline.

“Smile!” — your father

We work with world renowned photographers across genres. From fashion and editorial, to lifestyle and documentary. Ask us about our portfolios of stunning photo work.


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