The Mission

Angie’s List needed to evolve their brand from a neighborly helping-hand persona to one that could continue to dominate in a digitally advanced marketplace –all while not losing the neighborly touch.

The Strategy

We produced commercials that showcased better home improvement and service through technology. We leaned into their established, and core product of, ‘real people reviews’ to paint the home as a world that could be enhanced, with certainty, by using Angie’s List. The spots were shot using real customers and their homes.

Delivery & Results

The campaigns were supported by a massive 80M dollar media buy. They set a new tone and standard for the Angie’s List Brand. The SnapFix Ad created such a high rate of response in initial markets that it was necessary to scale back the media placement so Angie’s List could keep up with the demand. Saturday Night Live even spoofed one of the spots (and it was hilarious).